Introducing the

Raht Racer


"The bike that lets you pedal as fast as a car"

-Daily Mail



Key Features


Highway Speed Super Strength Pedal Power

System senses pedal cadence, torque and amplifies it to automobile speeds, giving rider sensation of super human strength like Ironman.  When you pedal, you go as fast as a car.

Exercise Machine on Wheels

Computer runs exercise programs while driving and displays driver performance data.


High Output Pedal Generator

Pedals are connected to the generator, not the wheels, pedaling generates electricity that recharges the system.


Road-Safe Weather Proof and Storage

Composite body, roll cage frame, air bag, seat belts, DOT lights - safer than a motorcycle or bicycle on busy streets.

Terrain Sensing Mode

The onboard system senses hills and adjusts resistance based on actual terrain.

Gearing System Adjusting

Gearing is variable, allowing you to go at high speeds with minimum or maximum effort. It's your choice.


Very Efficient Vehicle

Electric hybrid drive system utilizes driver's own energy, plus lightweight, 3 wheel design may make Raht Racer most efficient highway vehicle ever.


"Could be the future of how you commute"

-Fast Company


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“When this baby hits 88 mph, you’re going to see some serious shit”

-Doc Brown



  • Reinforced fiberglass body

  • Roll Cage

  • Seat belts

  • Air bag

  • DOT automotive grade lighting

  • Leaning suspension for stability

  • Anti-lock brakes


"Might revolutionize daily commutes"

-Discovery Science Channel