End of 2017, looking ahead to 2018

So, how was your 2017?  Mine was intense, scary, depressing, exciting, tiring and hangry.  "Hangry"= hungry+angry.  My daughter gets hangry as did my former associate, Bob.  When certain people get hungry they get hangry.  I am hangry for the success of our company.  We have a great concept, a great team and the passion to live through all the 16 hour days it will take to pound out the first production run.  After my experience in Lincoln at the NMotion accelerator, I had a renewed sense of what this could be, what this could all mean.  The accelerator and all the people with the other startups were so professional, so thoughtful, determined.  They are not just the best people in a entrepreneurial sense, but just good people that always were there to offer help, sincere help - not just lip service help.  I am looking forward to 2018 to partnerships with more good people that will help our startup grow into everything that it could be.  A sustainable, manufacturing company that makes an amazing product and provides good, creatively rewarding jobs.  That is what will satisfy my hanger.



Rich Kronfeld